Top 10 Albums with Vairamuthu lyrics

A celebration of Varamuthu’s birthday with a list of his favourite albums. One of the most important writers of our times. This post is a celebration of his contribution to Tamil Cinema.

Mudhal Mariyadhai: You can never imagine Mudhal Mariyadhai without Vairamuthu’s words. His words give a sense of dignity to a unique relationship between a middle-aged man and a young woman. The sense of yearning in Poongatru Thirumbima as the man yearns for his love is utterly delightful.

Roja: Roja is a beautiful blend of love and patriotism. It was a film which needed Vairamuthu and the man delivered with ease. From the chirpy Chinna Chinna Asai to the seductive Rukmani Rukmani to the patriotic Tamizha Tamizha this was one complete album which captured the hearts of the mass and class alike.

Karuthama: Vairamuthu’s words were just about perfect in this moody tale of a damsel in distress Porale Ponnuthayi song sung by Swarnalatha is an eternal favourite even today.

Kizhaku Cheemaiyile: Never has rural music sounded so beautiful. Rahman takes a beautiful diversion from his Western Style to give us an album filled with a folk makeover and Vairamuthu complements him beautifully. My personal favourite is Edhuku Pondati Enna Suthi Vapati. A jolly number which goes all out without holding back.

Sangamam: Another beautiful album by the ARR- Vairamuthu Combo. A dance based film which is benefited greatly by Vairamuthu’s words. Mazhaithuli Song still gives goosebumps.

Kannathil Muthamittal: Again ARR – Mani Ratnam and Vairamuthu. Fittingly enough Vairamuthu’s words decorate the film beautifully as the couple explores a beautiful relationship. It is difficult to look past Mana Mana Mental Manadhil even though the whole album is a thing of beauty.

Themerku Paruvakathu: A mother’s grit beautifully explored throughout the film and the songs and quite fittingly Kalikatil Porandha Thaaye walked away with all the honours.

Dharmadurai: The whole film is a thing of beauty especially the way it explores love and the dedication of a doctor. Andipati Kanava is one song which touches my heart every time it is played on TV. The Visuals, Vairamuthu’s lyrics, the pair on screen and YSR’s music. Just perfect.

Vaagai Sooda Va: I have a special bias towards Sara Sara Sarakathu veesumbodhu. Very few writers can write such a beautiful rhyme. I didn’t even care who the music director was. Only the words mattered.

Bombay: Just Kannalane is enough to send us into a frenzy. Easily the best of the lot.


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