Top 5 Dialogues By Balakumaran

Balakumaran the noted writer breathed his last today. In his memory, we look back at some of his famous dialogues in films.

நான் ஒரு தடவ சொன்னா நூறு தடவ சொன்ன மாதிரி (பாட்ஷா)

English Translation: Naan Oru Thadava Sonna Nooru Dhadava Sonna Madiri ( Baasha)

The greatest Tamil punch dialogue ever uttered by the superstar. A dialogue which is sprinkled throughout the film during the moments that matter. The hospital scene where he utters the dialogue to the principal to show who is the boss. That epic interval scene where he utters the trademark punch to show his transformation from Auto Driver Manikam to Baasha. And again the same dialogue to showcase his power as a Don throughout the whole flashback. One iconic dialogue for the whole film.

நீங்க நல்லவரா கெட்டவரா/ அவனை நிறுத்த சொல்லு நான் நிறுத்துறேன் (நாயகன்)

English Translation: Neenga Nallavara Ketavara/ Avana Nirutha Sollu Naan Niruthuren ( Nayagan)

Are you the good guy or the bad guy? Asks the grandson in that moving court scene. A simple question with a lot of depth. The grandfather who has the adoration of the masses feels lost for a brief moment. He answers in the only way possible “ I don’t know”. The events after this particular scene make the scene even more significant. This is the first and only exchange between the grandfather and grandson and it is his last as well. A brief reminder of all that Velu Nayakar had lost over the years.

போற வழி தப்பா இருக்கலாம் போய் சேருற இடம் கோவிலா இருக்கணும் (ஜென்டில்மேன்)

English Translation: Pora Vazhi Thappa Irukalam poi serura edam kovil ah irukanum ( Gentleman)

This scene is actually the crux of the film where the anger in Krishnamoorthy finds direction. He finds his purpose as Nambiyar becomes a mirror image of Krishna and Arjun becomes Arjuna. It is vigilante justice but has a purpose and a cause which justifies the means to achieve the desired end. Arjun begins his journey to set up a free educational institution at this point.

தங்கம் கிடைக்குற வரைக்கும் தோண்டனும் வெற்றி கிடைக்குற வரைக்கும் போராடணும் (முகவரி)

English Translation: Thangam Kidaikura Varaikum Thondanum vetri kidaikura varaikum poradanum ( Mugavaree)

A film which advocates the relentless pursuit of passion irrespective how difficult the ambition might scene. Every time Ajith who plays Sridhar loses hope his family reassures him that everything will be fine. The whole scene is a beautiful montage of hope as Raghuvaran narrates the story of the gold digger who never gives hope. This is for us, for all of us to keep going despite the obstacles.

இவ்ளோ துட்டுக்கு ஆசை பட்டா அப்புறம் இவ்ளோ அசிங்கம் வந்து சேரும் (புதுப்பேட்டை)

English Translation: Ivlo Thuduku Asai Patta appuram ivlo asingam vandhu serum ( Pudhupettai)

For all the gory violence throughout the film the film actually ends with a beautiful note of hope as the lady who picks up Dhanush’s kid says no to money and embraces the kid as her only happiness. Balakumaran shines as the dialogue aptly reflects the perils of having too much money,


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