Top 5 Harris Jayaraj Tamil Music Albums

For kids who grew up in the early 2000’s Harris Jayaraj was the king of music. He was a rage back in those days. He was the perfect breeze to Rahaman’s storm. Let’s look at 5 best music albums of Harris Jayaraj with different directors.

1. Minnale ( Gautham Menon ) : Minnale took everyone by surprise. Harris arrived like a storm. Vaseegara was on everyone’s lips. In fact the whole album was a dream start. It was the album of the year. And it was heard in every nook and corner of Tamil Nadu. Harris had burst on the Tamil music scene like a king with Minnale.

Film: Minnale

2. Lesa Lesa ( Priyadharshan ) : This was my last audio cassette after which I moved onto CD’s. All the songs of this album were a riot. In fact it was Harris’s music which lifted an otherwise average film. Lesa Lesa is the perfect example of music elevating the film to a whole new level. From the melodious Lesa Lesa and Aval Ulaga Azhagiye to the peppy Mudhal Mudhalai all the songs were a treat to the listener’s years. I played this album so often that the cassette finally broke into pieces.

Film : Lesa Lesa

3. Unnale Unnale ( Jeeva) : Unnale Unnale was vibrant and youthful just like the mood of the film. Harris’s music once again became the soul of a breezy romantic film. The songs are still fresh in our memory. In fact we miss the Harris who constantly mesmerized eyes back in those days.

Film: Unnale Unnale

4. Anniyan ( Shankar ) : Anniyan was a surprise in more ways than one for Shankar was also known to collaborate with only one music director but with Anniyan Shankar – Harris combo gave us a shock. The songs were different from ARR’s tone and gave a different flavor to Shankar’s film about split personality.

Film: Anniyan

5. Ayan ( K.V Anand ) : None of us can forget Vizhi Moodi Yosithal or Nenje Nenje. A dashing Suriya along with the gorgeous Tammanah added beauty to the visuals of Harris’s songs to make it an unforgettable album.

Film: Ayan


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