Top 5 mother sentiment movies in Tamil Cinema

In Tamil cinema mother sentiment plays an important role. Let’s look at 5 best movies based on mother sentiment.

Thalapathy : A mother’s struggle to find the son whom she had given up at birth. After a certain point you can’t help but empathize with Srividya’s yearning to see her son. Chinna Thaao aval is still one of the most beautiful songs ever written. Closely resembling the mythological relationship between Kunti and Karnan. The tone, the setting, the loss and reunion is just so beautifully captured on screen. Even in times of distress Surya keeps the promise he has made to his mother.


Mannan : Who can forget Amma Endru Alaikadha song. Though the movie is about the power battle between a man and a woman the very subtle yet glorious celebration of motherhood. Here too the story hinges on the promise made to a mother. A son who chooses to live by the promise even though his heart loves someone else. Towards the climax too it is the mother’s demise that brings about a change of heart in Vijaya Shanti.


M Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi : The movie aims to showcase the difference between a mother’s upbringing and a father’s upbringing. The son embarks on a journey to prove that no one can replace his mother. A mother who is encouraging and supportive of his son’s passion for boxing. A mother who gives his son the freedom of choice. A mother who chooses to be her son’s friend. Her demise brings the family together. Again a movie which has a beautiful Amma song.

M Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi

VIP : A movie about the power battle between an upcoming worker and a boss. But there’s that beautiful relationship between the mother and the son sprinkled throughout the film. The mother’s soul guides him throughout the film. He feels her presence in everything he does starting from the beautiful Amma song to that telescope scene where the mother reassures Dhansuh that he will make it big.


Kadhaluku Mariyadhai : This movie has one of the most beautiful climax ever as the mothers join two loving hearts. Two women who refuse to let go until that point realize that love has no barriers. Both Vijay and Shalini share a beautiful bond with their mothers which eventually results in a moving finale

Kadhaluku Mariyadhai

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