Top 5 Underrated Actress in Tamil Cinema

1. Aishwarya Rajesh: Aishwarya Rajesh was once told that she will never make it big as a heroine. The criticism was understandable since she was never like the long list of white-skinned actresses that Tamil Cinema has usually celebrated. If you are white skinned even if you can’t lip sync or act properly you are a top heroine. Aishwarya Rajesh had to struggle for a long time before she got her big break in Kaaka Muttai and now in Kana. I am not sure how many actresses would have agreed to play the mother of two slum kids even before their career had taken off. But she did and to date, it’s one of the best roles in Tamil Cinema. Anbu Selvi of Dharma Durai is another favourite Kowsalya of Kana have proved that she is one of the best actress of tamil cinema in recent times.

2. Priya Anand: Can you believe that Priya Anand has been around since 2009 but we hardly see her in big budget films. But whatever role she’s in she’s done her best irrespective of how good or bad the film is. From Vamanan to Ethir Neechal to Kootathil Oruvan she’s that girl next door who is pleasant on screen. The fact that she can also dub in proper Tamil is an added advantage. She has a very pleasant presence which makes me wonder why she has not made it to the top yet. Her biggest achievement till date is being part of Sridevi’s comeback film English Vinglish.

3. Dhanshika: Mention Dhanshika to anybody and our immediate memory of her is Rajinikanth’s daughter in Kabali but the plain truth is she’s rarely been part of a bad film. She’s the perfect definition of the dark dusky beauty who gives her 100 percent every time she comes on screen. Sadly most of her films do not come to our attention until they are taken out of theatres. Most of her films are grossly underrated. Thankfully there is a Kabali in her film career which will never be forgotten. Hopefully, we see her in more star films in the future playing good roles which utilize her potential to the fullest. She is another one of those actresses who can dub in Tamil as well.

4. Sshivada: This girl next door actress was loved by kollywood since her debut movie Nedunchalai. A powerhouse performer who is yet to be recognised in Tamil Cinema. Proof Watch the underrated Zero or Adhe Kangal. She’s fantastic in roles with negative shades. In a time where we are getting more and more Hero dominated scripts, actresses like Sshivada are much needed. In fact, with regard to Woman Oriented subjects, we rarely look past Nayathara and Jyothika. If only we could see actresses like Sshivada regularly in Tamil Cinema we can write more roles with depth for Tamil Actresses. To play a villainess effectively is not an easy task. But she’s casually evil Adhe Kangal much like Siddarth Abhimaniyu in Thani Oruvan.

5. Remya Nambeesan: The only actress in the list who doesn’t dub in her own voice but she compliments her heroes very well making a perfect pair with each of them. She and Vijay Sethupathi together are one of the best onscreen couples. She’s also a good singer which is an added advantage. In Malayalam, she evolved as a child actress from 2000 but in Tamil Cinema she’s not got the big-budget breakthrough film yet. But she still fits in very well in Small and Medium budget films. Again it’s a wish to see her more in films and get the applause that she deserves. Hopefully, it happens.


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