Top 5 unique outfits for women from around the world

This nine yard wonder is a traditional clothing of the Indian subcontinent known for its simplicity, elegance and class.Draped over the shoulder,with numerous fleets adding grandeur it is paired with a choli,baring the midriff.It comes in all colours and in different fabric forms ranging from cotton,nylon to silk.The intricate details adorning the borders and the masterly designs are a testimony to the rich craftsmanship of this nation.

Sari, India

2)The Balinese Temple Dress, Indonesia
The Balinese Temple Dress is a enchanting dress with a tubular skirt known as ‘kain’ and a top which covers the shoulders called the ‘anteng’.The attire is completed with a shawl worn around the hips known as ‘kamban’.It mostly comes in white and yellow-colours which symbolise purity in their tradition.

The Balinese Temple Dress, Indonesia

3)Herero Dress of Namibia
The Herero dress of Namibia -long gowns with puffed sleeves is a Victorian style dress from a bygone era.The history behind this dress is truly remarkable.The Herero tribal women wear this dress as a symbol of their non-vocal hostility towards the German colonialists who considered them subhuman and tried to wipe out their population.This dress is a living reminder for the 65,000 Heroronian people they massacared.

Herero Dress of Namibia

4)The Flamenco dress,Spain
The Flamenco dress of Spain is a body hugging dress upto the mid-thigh with ruffles from the shoulder to sleeve and in the skirts.The most famous colours are bright black and red.It comes in plain,plaited forms and with polka dots too.The look is completed with a shawl worn around the neck.

The Flamenco dress,Spain

5)The Sardinian traditional dress,Italy
The Sardinian dress comes with long pleated skirts and embroided blouses.It is accessorized with a veil and shawl.The colours,cut and fabric varies with every village and is very unique.It is seen as a symbol of their tradition and heritage.

The Sardinian traditional dress,Italy


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