Top 5 Unusual love stories in Tamil Cinema

Different kinds of love in Tamil Cinema. Love has been explored in various forms in Tamil cinema in different movies. Let’s look at some of the best.

1. Poove Unakaga : Poove Unakaga was the film which catapulted Vijay to stardom. The comedy in the film was top notch and the film had veteran actors Nagesh and Nambiar in Pivotal roles along with singer Malaysia Vasudevan. Actor Charlie along with Vijay had some hilarious sequences in the film. Sangeetha was the heroine. The movie had some lovely songs by S. A Rajkumar What made the film so special is the fact that the Vijay as the one side loves takes all the efforts to reunite his girl with her lover. Though the ending was sad it was a moving one.

2. Kadhal Kottai : This was a revolution at that time and paved the way for so many similar movies. Thala Ajith was the hero and Devayani was the heroine. The now famous Shroov Karan Anna played Ajith’s friend. The songs by Deva were superhit. The highlight of course was the fact that the hero and heroine do not see each other until the climax. But they trust each other’s love and believe that their love will succeed. The movie was directed by Agathiyan.

3. Kallamelam Kadhal Vazhga : Murali was the pioneer of college love in the early 90’s. This movie had Murali along with his usual bunch of college student actors. Kausalya played the heroine. The highlight of the film is that the love happens only through telephone conversation until they unite at the end. The movie was directed by R. Balu with music by Deva.

4. Kadhalar Dhinam : This was a Kathir special where love happens over the internet. Kunal became an overnight sensation with the film. Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre played the heroine. Gaudamani’s internet comedy with Chinni Jayanth is still memorable. Music was by Isai Puyal A. R Rahman who gave us some soothing melodies.

5. Solamale : Solamale features in this list for two reasons. One because of the unusual choice of hero and two because of the stunning climax. Livingston plays the hero who has an inferiority complex. He falls in love with Kausalya a fair women and pretends to be dumb to win her attention. Eventually he cuts his tongue off to succeed in his love.


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