10 Things you should never do to have a Healthy Relationship


“A true relationship is two unperfect people refusing to give up on each other” Yes, love is something when you don’t need to have perfect people in it but unperfect people make the best couple and that’s more important. Usually, in every relationship, a lot of people misunderstand each other for small reasons but here a couple of things to not do if you guys want a healthy relationship.

1) Wish for a perfect relationship:

No relationship is perfect! Realize that all the relationships do involve a lot of learnings. So rather thinking about creating a perfect relationship, but think how you guys can grow as a couple.

2) Compare your partners to others: 

Yes, Don’t compare your partners with other as some may have the quality inbuilt but some might not! Your partner is good and unique their own way. Appreciate that instead of comparing.

3) Give up your own values:

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you forget the inbuilt values that you have. Oftentimes when you feel off, unfilled, or not yourself, it’s because you are being untrue to one of your core values.

4) Play on your phone when your partner is talking:

Well yes, this is an essential part of a healthy relationship! Don’t play on your phone when your partner is talking. As this might annoy your partner big time and this will lead to further problems.

5) Be a secret admirer:

It’s important to express your feelings to your partner for him/her to know how much you love him/her. Definitely, no one wants to have a secret admirer.

6) Disrespect your partner:

This is a very important value that every couple should understand individually. Nobody would want to be disrespected. If you’ll respect each other it becomes easy to grow as one.

7) Refuse to compromise:

Every relationship might have problems but how we understand it is more important. Both of them need to compromise at some point! Compromise is the keyhole for a successful relationship.

8) Assume you know what your partner means:

Well, there will be situations in life where both of them will fail to understand each other but there is always a solution attached to it as well. Here, in this case, it’s important for each other to let talk at the same time assuming things is not the right thing.

9) Making your partner feel unsafe:


He/She has to feel comfortable when you are in a relationship. Both of them need to communicate with each other correctly otherwise there are chances of both ending up the victim to each other and neither party will be able to hear the other’s concerns.

10) Bring up anything and everything during a fight:

Yes, this might be a major problem if the couple brings up anything and everything during a fight. Delete the details that are not in the context of the argument.

If you do not indulge in any of these then healthy relationships are guaranteed.

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Heena Bhatt

Heena took journalism in college, is highly proficient in the language .she pays keen attention to the issues taking place in and around to bring it out to her audience. she is an ardent reader which makes her all the more informative about the current affairs. we wish one day she makes it big in journalism. You can reach heena at heena@awesomemachi.com


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