Trisha Prabhu: ‘The Re-Thinker’ 

Over the past two years, Prabhu, 15, has been developing ReThink, an app to make cyberbullies think before sending a hurtful text or tweet. For teen tech whiz, she tested her app on 300 students last year with eye-opening results about what happens when the teenager gets an alert from ReThink. “ReThink is able to detect when someone tries to post something offensive on social media and then alert that person and go, We’re giving them a chance to rethink their decision, at which point they can either hit clear,  or they can go ahead and decide that they want to post the message,” said Prabhu.

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“ReThink is able to understand the difference between ‘I hate Chicago’s weather,’ and ‘I hate you’, because those are two different scenarios,” she explained.

The idea for ReThink was born when she learned about 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick, who committed suicide after allegedly being cyberbullied by two classmates.

“The overall willingness to post an offensive message drops from 71 percent to 4 percent,” said Prabhu.

Thank you, Trisha Prabhu, for such an initiative. You have saved a lot of young lives!!


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