What Will Happen If You Play Truth or Dare With Your Dad?

Dad and daughter bonding is always special. Let’s look at how fathers help daughters find love.

Trust Her: There is nothing more reassuring than a Dad who trusts the daughter’s choices. The more a Dad trusts his daughter. The more confident she will be about making the right choice. The trust enables a Dad to be the first person to whom the daughter opens up. It will only lead to a better father and daughter relationship.

Be a friend: More than being a Dad it is very important to be a friend who would stand by his daughter’s choices. That way she won’t feel bad if she had made the wrong choice. Also, it will make a Dad the go-to person for all the choices. After a certain age, it is important for a Dad to understand the fears and insecurities of a daughter and be with her at all times.

Love her unconditionally: Love conquers everything. A Dad has to love his daughter at her best and worst. A Dad has to love her in such a way that she trusts him while choosing her loved one. A Dad has to shower love that gives the confidence to do the right thing always.

Listen to her: Listening is a great skill. A Dad has to be a great listener to be a good friend to his daughter. He must know to read between the lines and understand her silences. Even when she doesn’t speak up he has to know what she wants to say. He needs to be involved.

Be a positive role model: A Dad has to be a positive role model. Daughters look up to their Dads while growing up hence it is very important to be a positive role model. It is important to show her that you trust her. It is important to let her know that you understand. Only then will she come to you while making big decisions.


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