Diwali Celebrations 90s Kids vs 2K Kids

There’s a remarkable difference in the way the 90’s kid and 2000 kids celebrate their birthday. Let’s look at how Diwali has changed for the two generations.

TV Programs: For the 90’s kids the TV programs were sheer bliss. From morning 8 o clock till late night the people in the family would be glued to TV to watch Pattimadram, Celebrity interview and movies but now we have less number of people glued to TV. In fact, TV is of very less significance these days due to the fast lifestyle. The 2000 youngsters mostly complete Diwali by watching films of their favourite stars on TV.

Long Holidays: For the 90’s Kid there used to belong holidays. People used to spend almost a week with their families to celebrate Diwali. Diwali was the one long break which helped them celebrate with happiness. Now the people find it very difficult to even get a day’s holiday. Most people work even on Diwali, as a result, Diwali is like any other day for these kids. The maximum holiday they get is just one day.

Many New Releases: For the 90’s Kids there were multiple films releasing on Diwali. There were star film clashes and huge crowds for most films. Seeing atleast two films was an entertaining Diwali habit. For the kids born in 2000, the scenario is very different there is mostly one big star film. These days it is mostly one big film most probably a Vijay film. Diwali has become Vijay’s space for a long time.

Homemade Sweets: Earlier there used to be homemade sweets in almost every home where mothers used to meticulously prepare all the sweets themselves. It was wonderful bonding through food. sweets and savouries. But now everyone distributes office sweets. We can almost see the same box of sweets going everywhere.

The restricted timing for crackers: Now the timing is 8 to 1o for cracker bursting.but earlier cracker bursting used to start almost a week earlier. Earlier it was a celebration\. Now it’s merely a formality,


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