India’s MeToo Movement: Types of Sexual Harassment

The MeToo Campaign has caught everyone’s attention and celebrities are being called out for their inappropriate behaviour, abuse and sexual harassment. At this time it is important to know what is sexual harassment and the various ways of sexual harassment to prevent it.

Physical Harassment:

Wrong Touch: Wrongly touching a person at inappropriate places in the body without consent. This happens with kids when parents aren’t around to monitor them. Anybody can touch them without their knowledge.

Hugging: Hugging without consent even if the other person is feeling uncomfortable.

Kissing: Kissing without consent and making the other person feel uncomfortable even if the other person does not want to be kissed. Kissing at inappropriate places just because the other person is helpless.

Pinching: Pinching in private parts and making the person of the other gender uncomfortable

Blocking Path: This happens a lot. Whenever the women refuse to do sexual favours the other person resorts to blocking their path to prevent them from moving. This also suffocates them and makes them helpless.

Brushing against Someone: Brushing a female intentionally while walking and standing knowing fully well that the other person will not have time to react. A lot of people dismiss it but even brushing intentionally is a sexual crime.

Verbal Harassment

Using Bad and Obscene Language: Using Bad and Obscene language to a person who does not want it. Using Obscene language as a threat.

Making A Jokes: Making A jokes to a female counterpart who does not want to listen to it. Even if you are close friends only if the female is comfortable in receiving and listening to adult jokes should the joke be used? Any obscene humour is bad.

Suggestive Comments and Comments on Clothes: Inappropriate comments passed at women which makes her uncomfortable. Comments passed on clothes or bad comments passed on their appearance is also sexual harassment.

Non-Verbal Harassment

Staring: Staring at a person in a wrong way when they are passing by. A stare which makes them uncomfortable and awkward. A stare which makes them angry are all sexual harassment.

Wrong and Obscene Gestures: Wrong gestures to a female counterpart who is an unwilling participant is also sexual harassment

Showing Sexual Images on Print Tv and Computer: Showing explicit sexual images in any form is wrong

All of these are sexual harassment. Most of us indulge in sexual harassment without knowing they are doing the wrong thing. it is about time we stand up for what is right.


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