V. Kanaka addressed the parliament on the issue of Child labour

Kanaka has always had a hard life, Kanaka belongs from the slum of Bengaluru. Kanaka’s family is entirely dependent on her mother as her father was differently abled. She worked as a maid so Kanaka could go to school until standard 4. Kanaka was compelled to leave the school as her mother was diagnosed with cancer.

Kanaka worked in three house as a maid later she was forced to shift with her relatives as her mother passed away. There she was physically, mentally, and emotionally abused. This little girl was forced to work in wedding halls and it was one such hall in Yeshwanthpur where an NGO named SPARSHA that fights against child labour and this NGO rescued in 2011.

Currently, this girl is in the first year of her Pre University course in a private college in Bengaluru. In her 10th she has scored 80% and aspired to become a scientist later in her life.

On the occasion of Universal Children’s day which was on November 20, this 17-year-old V. Kanaka addressed the parliament on the issue of Child labour. Kanaka’s address would bear a special significance as she was forced to work as a child labour for twelve years.

United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund( UNICEF) organised an event where 30 children were selected from across the nation and they delivered speeches. After the three rounds of auditions, Kanaka is the only who got selected from Karnataka. She spoke for about eight minutes in the parliament.

She wanted to stress in the parliament about how there are several laws to protect child rights but nothing is effective.


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