Vetrimaran and Dhanush – The Friends who trusted each other and ends up with Victory!!

Vetrimaaran and Dhanush are a match made in heaven as far as movie making is concerned. The mutual love and respect they have for each other is a thing of beauty. Ask Vetrimaaran and he will tell you that he writes all the scripts with Dhanush in mind. That’s how much he loves his hero and Dhanush completely surrenders himself to Vetrimaaran’s vision without second thoughts. The bonding and the friendship is always there in whatever they do. This confidence reflects in the work they do at all times. This friendship has given us three very different films over the years .

Polladhavan – A proper commercial debut with the two craftsmen joining together for the first time. It was filled with commercial compromises relevant to the time when it was released. Having the bike as the element of conflict was a masterstroke. Dhanush was in his elements as the boy next door. At one point he becomes the underdog who has to get back his bike at all costs. His fragile frame doesn’t stand in his way as he takes his opponents head on. There is no fear as he marches on in pursuit of his bike.

Cut to the second film together and we have another very different subject as the premise. Rooster fight has never been shown in absolute splendor before in Tamil Cinema. Dhanush completely surrenders himself to his director to live the role to perfection. I don’t think any other actor would have done what Dhanush did in Aadukalam. It was a raw and intense performance which won him the national award. It’s the trust they had in each other which gifted Dhanush the honour.

Cut to today and we have Vada Chennai a film in which Dhanush constantly underplays to let the others shine. Once again it’s the trust that works in their favour. The friendship and the bonding between the two will take Tamil Cinema to the next level. We have many director – actor combo in Kollywood but Dhanush – Vetrimaaran will always be special for the audience.


Jaya Priya Darsini
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