14 Year of Ghilli: What Makes Ghilli Everyone’s Favourite Vijay Movie

Tamil Cinema owes a lot to Ghilli for Vijay’s transformation into a mass hero. An unexpected encounter with an unlikely opponent transforms our dashing hero into a determined protector. The happy go lucky guy suddenly transforms into the knight in shining armour for his lady love. He has no clue what lies ahead or who he is up against but he takes charge. There’s that I don’t care a damn attitude which decorates his actions. There’s that blind faith of being able to rise against the odds irrespective of the odds.

At the other end you have a lady who has seen despair unfold right in front of her eyes. Fate threatens her and she’s about to lose. A saviour appears out of nowhere as they embark on a journey of hope together. What was supposed to be the end suddenly transforms into a bright new beginning.

And you have an antagonist who is shell-shocked. This wasn’t on the cards. His word was always the ultimatum but out of nowhere, his glory is snatched by an unknown stranger. Who is he ? What does that man want from him. The sheer audacity of the stranger who walks away with his lady love right in front of his eyes stuns him. He is rendered helpless. The stage is set

A fun film until then turns into one of those high octane cat and mouse games as we wait in anticipation. Ghilli wasn’t just a film . This was the first sneak peek of Vijay the mass action hero that his fans adore today. It is a unique celebration for the arrival of our Ilayathalapathy.

Vijay is energetic and his chemistry with Trisha is endearing. But Prakash Raj stole the show with “ I love you chellam”. We love him so much that we want to see more of him despite the presence of Vijay. Vidhyasagar’s peppy songs added to the film’s racy script and everyone fit in perfectly in their roles

It’s been 14 years but the legacy of Ghilli still lives on.


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