Viral star Pranav’s request for food makes him an internet sensation

When a kid unintentionally sends out a good message it reaches a large number of people. The cuteness of the kid along with the message delivered often melts our hearts and affects us in a big way. This often happens randomly. The innocence of a kid is the best way to get the message across without affecting people. A few months ago it was “ Gunama Vaila Sollanum la “ which implied that a kid should never be scolded but should be told very softly. This was cute and helped send the right message across. It didn’t need too much just a lovely child with a good message

Now it’s the time of viral star Pranav who has casually told us the importance of food. If it was gunama vaila solanum earlier now it’s pasikumla by Pranav. His request for food has become so viral that there are memes using Ajith’s Viswasam and Superstar’s Pettai. Kolla Gandula iruken and the dialogues in Viswasam has been perfectly synced with Pranav’s words. Both Pranav’s video and the memes are going viral all over the internet. This is a perfect message for the new year at a time when people are constantly wasting food.

This was a very casual video which had touched everyone. Pranav lives with his family in Nellai. His family is from Tutucorin. It is amazing how a small video has created such a huge impact. The cute kid loves telling stories. And he is one naughty cute kid whom we all adore. He has come to his uncle’s house for vacation. It is here that his uncle has teased Pranav and paved the way for this viral video. Forget the adult who is supposed to have the heart of the hero. Here the hero is the kid himself. A hero who has managed to steal our hearts with a perfect message for new year.


Salesh Dipak

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