Viswasam: A Perfect Family Entertainer From Thala Ajith

Siruthai Siva and Ajith Kumar save the best for their last outing. Siruthai Siva delivers a pitch perfect family outing with Viswasam. Ajith for his part shoulders the film extraordinarily as the one man army. If you can ignore lackluster first hour you are in for a festival treat. Siruthai Siva packages a mashup of all the cliches that usually work in a family film and it works here too. A father, a wife and a daughter and the ups and downs between the three of them form the core of the film. And all three of them play their roles to perfection with Ajith as the central point.

Pros :
Ajith the star packs a punch with his charming screen presence. You forget everything else and fall in love with the man for the efforts that he puts in. In fact right from the interval block he makes sure that the film moves into top gear because of the action sequences involving him. Viswasam is a terrific hero worship vehicle which delivers in style. Nayanthara is gorgeous as always and matches Ajith with her extraordinary screen presence. Baby Anika is cute. The emotional connect and the central conflict works very well. For all the criticism on D. Inman for the songs the BGM is wonderful.

The only minus in the film is the lackluster first half. The supposed comedy scenes don’t work at all and leave us tired and frustrated. The same could be said for the songs too. Except for a couple of melodies the songs are very poor. Jagapathy Babu has very little to do except play a caricature villain. These are probably minor flaws when you consider the fact that Siruthai Siva packs a punch with a near perfect second half. Siruthai Siva delivers a knock out punch with his final outing.

Overall Summary :

A Perfect family entertainer for this Pongal.

Ticket Worth 105/120


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