We already knew Kerala welcomes new ideas and innovations- But these buses with Pornstar images are ‘Creativity AF’

India is known for its various innovative decorations in every place. Here are some buses in Kerala, which was decorated in a unique manner that has got everyone’s eyes.
And the social media can’t handle it over.

The main reason for these buses going viral on the internet was because they were adorned with the beautifully painted posters of pornstars.
The images of these buses have been circling around social media for quite a while, and the images were first posted by someone who could not contain his excitement and shock upon seeing them. The bus has been painted with images of Sunny Leone and Mia Khalifa.

The Chikko Tours and Travels are very serious about this and they have not elaborately painted the buses but also have some insane sound systems and laser lightning installed in these vehicles.
The company has a collection of these luxury buses that are completely equipped with sound systems and woofers and these buses work as mobile party hubs. Many other buses have a series of buses with Babhubali and Avengers characters painted on them.


Each bus costs about 4-5 lakhs and there are around 8 such buses.

The graphics on the bus was made by Recheesh, who is also a local artist in the community.

The company also has a YouTube channel where they post all the videos of the services they run. These pictures went viral and were reacted by shared by many.


Jaya Priya Darsini
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