Who Killed Logeswari? NDMA, SDMA or College Authorities?

A life has been lost just like just like that. A 19 year young girl has lost her life at a time when she had a whole life in front of her. 19 year old Logeswari who was studying in Kalaimagal College of Arts and Science was pushed from the second floor as a part of the disaster management drill of the school. She was made to stand on the ledge and pushed by her instructor G. Arumugam though she didn’t want to jump. The point to be noted here is the reluctance and the fear of the student. She was made to do something she didn’t want to do. Logeswari’s head hit the parapet wall on the first floor and landed lifeless on the net held for her.

G Arumugam, the trainer who pushed Logeswari down, was arrested on Thursday night and charged under section 304 of the Indian Penal Code, for being the cause of the death. Though Arumugam claims to be a member of the National Disaster Management Academy. NDMA has denied having any role to play in the incident. Arumugam claims to have received his appointment from National Ministry of Home affairs but all his claims are yet to be verified.

NSS also denies that it has involvement in the incident, But this unfortunate incident has once again highlighted the lethargy of schools while providing proper facilities for students. The biggest goof up was the fact that he wasn’t even a proper trainer in the first place. He was someone who was more involved with classroom training. How he was allowed to be part of the drill is a question to ponder ? Police are currently investigating whether he is real or fake. For now all we can do is mourn and wait for justice to take it’s course.


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