Why K.Bhagyaraj is one of the best tamil directors of all times

K. Bhagyaraj is often referred as one of the best screenplay writers and directors of all times. Let us look at his 5 best films on his birthday.

Mundhanai Mudichu : A story about a girl’s stubborn love. She uses the baby as the trump card to win over her man. There are ample doses of humour with the 3 students of Bhagyaraj. The pivotal interval block is still talked as one of the best interval blocks of Tamil Cinema. Despite being a new comer Urvashi owns the film from the moment she enters the film. This film pulled the audience to the theatre sentiment.

Indru Poi Nalai Vaa : This is a laugh riot from Bhagyaraj. The intention of the film is laughter and it never deviates from that. Who can forget Ek Gau me Ek kisan Raghu thatha. The way the teachers get beaten up is still fresh in memory. K. Bhagyaraj is innocence personified. The film was so popular that it inspired Santhanam’s remake with power star as the highlight. The way the three friends outsmart each other in Indru Poi Nalai va is fun. Radhika steals our heart as the cute and bubbly heroine. Radhika’s friend wore huge glasses which was a trend in those days.

Dhavani Kanavugal : Bhagyaraj combined with Shivaji to give us one of the greatest underdog stories of Tamil Cinema. Oru Nayagan song is still recalled with enthusiasm. The scene where Bharati Raja discovers Bhagyaraj’s talent is a timeless memory. The story revolves around a brother and 5 sisters. Actor Parthipen makes a cameo appearance. Radhika is once impressive as Bhagyaraj’s pair. Shivaji Ganesh gives a splendid performance as Major.

Idhu Namma Aalu : A film which spoke about caste and economic divisions in the society in a humorous way. Bhagyaraj single handedly gives the story an unusual twist by delaying the union of the husband and wife. It is sly, clever and unusual. Bhagyaraj became a music director with this film.

Andha Ezhu Natkal : An unusual love triangle where the husband , former lover and the lady love are engaged in an interesting conflict. It starts off as a love story and eventually evolves into a deep study of relationships. Again a climax which shocks us and makes our jaw drop. Just vintage Bhagyaraj things.


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