Why K.J.Yesudas is one of the greatest singers of all time

Yesudas, a divine voice. What a lovely singer he was. My earliest memory of Yesudas is Rajinikanth’s Amma Endru Azhaikatha. Yesudas gives his heart and soul to the song and makes an instant connection with all of us. The song is beyond Rajini the star. It is a divine tribute to motherhood. Ask anyone and the first song that comes to their mind when thinking of their mother will be the evergreen song from Mannan. He didn’t leave out Kamal either. Our Ulaga Nayagan is gifted with a wonderful song which eventually turns out to be the final song for celebrated lyrics writer Kannadhasan.

What a song! What an incredible song. Kanne Kalaimane. There’s Kamal Hassan on screen. There’s a childish Sridevi too. But it is Yesudas’s voice which turns the song into a lasting lullaby. My father used to sing me that song every night. The voice is soothing and makes you forget your daily worries. Whenever the song plays there’s peace and calm. It is not an easy task to repeat divinity but Yesudas does it time and again. Then there’s Sarath Babu’s Senthalam poovil and Radha Ravi’s Poove Sembove. Can you imagine such a song for the two of them but Yesudas makes it possible.

But he wasn’t just a melody singer. Give him any type of song and he will give his best. A beautiful example for this is Maasi Maasam Alana Ponnu from Dharmadurai – A sexy sultry song which is perfect for a moody night. And then we have Thani Thoti from Sindhu Bairavi. Imagine Shivakumar and Yesudas in a kuthu song. An unimaginable feat but both of them make it possible. An otherwise sane Shivakumar goes beserk and Yesudas joins the fun. And K.J Yesudas is well known for his devotional songs. We live at a time when singers come and go but singers like Yesudas and SPB are all time greats.


Salesh Dipak

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