‘Wife and Daughter were mentally impaired, brothers are differently-abled’: Pichai who struggles for the whole fam

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Life is not a blessing to all. People have their own problems. And, to those who live in poverty, their daily necessities itself become a struggle. In that regard, daily life becomes a misery to this man from Karur. 

A damaged old hut, mentally impaired daughter and wife, two handicap brothers! To all his family members, Pichai is striving hard to suffice the hunger. In an interview with Vikatan, he told reporters, ” Apart from my home, I don’t own any..I have been facing difficulties starting from my birth. About 40 years ago, I was married to my wife Puranam. We both went to the coolie jobs and run the family. My brothers cannot speak. So, they were not married yet. And, the responsibility of taking care of them, fell on my shoulders. Years later, two daughters born for us – Pazhaniyamal and Indrani. 

Only when Indrani grew, we came to know that she developed a mental impairment. That news shocked us to the core. No matter how hard I tried, No matter how long I worked to make money for her treatment, her mental illness cannot be cured. Over many days, we used to stay with an empty stomach, just to save money for her treatment. I had to rely on the lenders for money. Years later, my wife too became mentally ill, looking at the daughter’s condition. I had to borrow more money but I cannot cure her. When it’s really hard for me to fetch the family, a meal for one day, how could I return the money? Adding to my woes, 5 years ago, my first daughter died because of a sudden illness. I was broke.

I worked hard and paid half the debts. In this difficult situation, both my wife and daughter’s condition has worsened. They need a person to look after them constantly. Even if we lose attention for a second, they would commit dangerous acts like falling into the well or falling before .etc… In fact, I had to stay beside them all the time, that I didn’t go to the job for over 3 years. My brothers went for lifting goods. That’s how we 5 are enduring now. Many times, I don’t even consider my hunger. I have just cooked with things I got and fed my daughter and wife. If not the 20 kg rice available at ration shop, we all would have become one with the sand”.

A few months ago, a D.R.O, reading Pichai’s petition, helped to provide him with a concrete house. However, to Pichai, his poverty is still a thing to worry about. ‘No matter what, until the ounce of last blood remain in my body, I will work for my family”, says Pichai.

News and Photo Courtesy: Vikatan

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