Winning move by tender cocunut sellers – Using Bamboo sticks instead of straws

5 th June,2018,was a day of mixed emotions for the Tamilians. A law had been passed banning the use of plastics,with its violation resulting in 5 years imprisonment and a fine upto 1 lakh INR. This includes plastic cups, sheets, straws and bags, according to a release from the civic body.

2019 has already started on a positive note for Tamilnadu with plastic being banned from the state. Truth be told, this change definitely hasn’t been easy but we are slowly getting there. While we are busy setting reminders to take cloth bags for shopping,this unique idea by tender coconut sellers deserves a mention.

They have replaced plastic straws with papaya stems,which are hollow on the inside. It is sturdy and does not bend on pressure which is a added advantage. Also it is available in plenty in the papaya fields.

Bamboo sticks too have slowly made their way into market. Around 5-6 straws can be made from a bamboo stick . These are not only eco-friendly but they also add a unique flavour to the tender coconut water.And tender coconut sellers are leaving no stones unturned in using them.

For the uninitiated, plastic has been banned from January 1,2019 in Tamilnadu.


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