Women Characters in Tamil Cinema – Vasanthi from 36 Vayathinile

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36 Vayathinile – a film that deals with a concept that women’s dream face expiry date for her age.

Vasanthi Tamizhselvan – a self-made strong women who never compromise on herself. Her role depicts whether she will fight the situation or she will face defeat. The transformation of Vasanthi from a point where she is so ignorant and artless who doesn’t even know a license has an expiry date to someone who firmly believes that no one can put an expiry date to a women’s dream is told beautifully though not preceded unhurriedly. But the irony is, while Vasanthi’s harl back is etched out, her discovery of self is slightly botched up.

Vasanthi realises that age has become an impediment in her life despite striving hard every day, it’s this number that decides her fate. This film talks about inexorable changes in the life of a women post marital life. It tells us how even the most intrepid and ingenious young women, full of vivacity and dreams for their future are minimized to this robotic altruism world with no identity of their own.

Vasanthi who have unfulfilled dreams are taken for granted and seen as an embarrassment by their families because they seem to lack knack. The protagonist has a job and speaks English. In college she was quite the firebrand who fought and stood up for what is right.The crux of the film is women’s empowerment and how the society reinforces gender stereotypes. How does a women who ended up her sacrificing her dreams and desires for the sake of the family find herself again?

At one point in this movie where the protagonist asks “Who decides the expiry date for a women’s dream?”. And it is this question that she herself tries to dismiss by taking charge of her life when her husband takes off to Ireland with their daughter. To put it in a nutshell, even many women in today’s reality fear to regain their passion and dream after getting into marriage life. 36 vayathinile is one such movie that boldly explains the mindset of a women post marital life.

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