How Heroines Showcased In Recent AR Murugadoss Movies?

Of late A.R Murugadoss’s heroines have resembled set properties. Take Sarkar for example even Vijay’s bodyguards have more to do than Keerthi Suresh. Keerthi Suresh’s only job in the film is to dance to songs. I mean this is the same actress who excelled in Nadigayar Thilagam but here she is just an accessory who is no way related to the main proceedings. She is a replica of the naive heroine who has nothing much to do. But she is omnipresent. I mean she is present from beginning to end but in terms of depth the role is just another unnecessary addition.

Even in Kaththi this was the problem. Samantha felt like the odd one out with zero chemistry except for the songs. The fact that the content was good helped hide the fact that the heroine had very little to do. The same goes to Rakul Preet Singh who is nothing but an extra addition to the Genelia loosu Ponnu starter pack. In fact actresses like Jyothika and Nithya Menen have been vocal about treating an actress right. They are also humans yet the basic knowledge and sensitivity is always missing in Murugadoss’s commercial heroines of late.

The last time I saw a Murugadoss heroine as someone who is intelligent is way back in Ghajini and 7am Arivu. Since then Murugadoss and his heroine characters have been sliding with each film. Even in a hero oriented film a heroine can shine as shown by Asin in Ghajini. Unfortunately there is absolutely no scope for the heroine once the hero takes centre stage. ARM is a director who directs films based on social issues. It would be nice if he shows the same responsiblity to his heroine by giving them better characters. A good role for the heroine will only help to elevate the film and make it a better film which appeals to everyone. It is about time directors realize that.


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