Yogi Babu Romances Nayanthara: Vignesh Shivan Reacts in Instagram

The rise of Yogi Babu is an inspirational lesson for all of us. He’s been around since 2009. Trying his luck in minor roles year after year.  Who would have thought who was once the go-to man for fat jokes would one day go on to become a leading comedian whose mere presence in the film would evoke laughter?  Who would have thought that he would one day be featured in a song written for Nayanthara? That too in Anirudh’s own voice and music. That is how you grow as an artist. That is how you let your talent shine.

Yogi Babu is an indispensable part of comedy movies these days. Almost every Tamil comedy ensemble features Yogi Babu as it’s star. It’s not been an easy journey for Yogi Babu so far. After so many difficulties, rejections and pain Yogi Babu has finally made a mark. You can never imagine a film like Aandavan Kattalai without Yogi Babu. That’s how indispensable he has become and he’s one of the few comedians who can make us laugh just by being on screen. Very few actors in today’s Tamil cinema can boast of such a trait. That too in an age of dry humour.Yogi Babu’s rofl moments are a treat.

Today he’s featured in Nayanthara’s Kola Maavu Kokila in a song opposite the lady superstar. Even Vignesh Sivn has engaged in a funny one on one with Yogi Babu to express his jealousy and envy over the pairing. Vignesh’s posts are genuinely funny. It tells us two things you can never leave Vignesh Sivan out of the equation when Nayanthara is involved. Anirudh’s music is still high adrenaline and his voice is drool-worthy. It also tells that Yogi Babu is the next big thing in Tamil Comedy. He is someone to watch out for in the coming months.


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